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Spiritual Advisor with Chi Alpha and General Manager of Freedom Café -UMass

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As a seeker of truth and follower of Jesus, I endeavor to model His life and teachings of truth and love, together with a commitment to those in need of justice and freedom from all that which has us bound. Want to follow with me?

Dan Johnson



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Spiritual Advisor and General Manager

The Johnson Family (Dan, Beth, Karis & Eli)

As a seeker of truth and follower of Jesus, I endeavor to model His life and teachings of truth and love, together with a commitment to those in need of justice and freedom from all that which has us bound. Want to follow with me?

Dan Johnson

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imagine with me
a social enterprise

imagine with me
a social enterprise

brewed together with a passionate collegiate coffee culture

brewed together with a passionate collegiate coffee culture



Coffee Shop

Working to end human trafficking, engaging with our community and creating an others-focused community of students

Freedom Cafés Goals



Thousand Dollars

Since 2013 we've given over $30,000.00 to build our first vocational center, and are scouting for our next opportunity.

Educational Events

We have spoken in over 40 dorm events at UMass, and various other events in the Amherst community.

Trained Volunteers

Since 2013 we have trained over 213 volunteer baristas. Each volunteering between 3 and 300 hours each semester.

Vocational Center

Since we opened in 2013, we have been a key partner in the establishment of a vocational center in India within a village culture and economy dependent on human trafficking.

About Dan

Leading Exceptionally Passionate Students

The Freedom Cafe is made up of passionate volunteers from a diversity of religious and ethnic backgrounds who fervently work together to pursue freedom for those in bondage, and the betterment of humanity.

I believe we can engage students in spiritually relevant areas of life and existence as we see it. There is not a void between what is physical, and what is spiritual. The choices we make today impact reality in these two conjoined areas we call life.

read why students are volunteering with Freedom Cafe:

  • G.O.
    I have a huge passion for justice and cannot stand the idea that slavery still exists. A few years ago when I found out that there are more slaves today than there were at any other time in history I knew that I couldn't just passively ignore the problem. Since then I've decided that I want to pursue a career in nonprofit work specifically geared toward ending human trafficking. So, I would love to get started helping out here. Because it's an issue I'm so passionate about I'd like to get involved as much as I can.
  • H.H.
    I want to be involved in something that matters and that makes other people's lives better. This is an amazing cause and the opportunity to get to know the staff, become part of the family and to work with them while learning a new skill is impossible to pass up.
  • F.L.
    I'm passionate about the issues of sexual assault, rape, sex trafficking and domestic violence. After graduating from UMass, I'm going to attend law school with the intentions of working with victims of sex crimes specifically victims in the armed forces. I've been searching for a way to volunteer while doing something for a good cause that I actually care about and I believe this would be the perfect opportunity.
  • G.S.
    I wrote my high school senior thesis on Human Trafficking in India. Ever since then I've been looking for ways to make a contribution to the cause. I heard that Freedom Cafe supports ending of human trafficking. So I thought that volunteering for Freedom Cafe was a perfect way for me to make the contribution to the cause.
  • S.S.
    I am passionate about the cause and I love the freedom cafe so I thought it would be a good fit for me!
  • C.H.
    I want to volunteer for Freedom Cafe because it is a great cause and I want to do something around campus to make a difference. I just took a Communications class that talked about human trafficking and fair trade coffee and it inspired me to make a change!
  • S.O.
    I've been looking for a club to join, just to meet new people and be a part of something but when I came across this, I realized investing my time here would be so much greater because it'd actually help a cause. I would love to belong to a group that can make a change and have an impact on the world.

About Dan

Being a Spiritual Advisor in this Space

The horrific day-to-day reality of human trafficking is not one that money can fix. We could never build enough vocational centers, or pass enough laws to eliminate injustice. The heart of the matter, is the human heart. Our drive and ambitions create the world we live in. Ultimately, we are all part of the problem. As victims to sin, we both relate to various types of bondage, while also empowering injustice by the choices we make, and the consumerism culture we promote.

Jesus brought God down to earth in his culture

Often, Jesus is radically misunderstood both within christianity and in western culture. But we're in good company. During his life, from the perspective of the religious authorities, He often broke the established rules and traditions that were set to ensure justice and maintain order. He redefined the character of God, our role as agents in God's coming kingdom, and brought healing and salvation to those who followed him. One can not simply boil down Jesus' good news into a collection of doctrines or quippy platitudes. When Jesus was asked the 'how' question, he often simply said follow me. And those who did, changed the world. Why is there still so much injustice in our world? Perhaps we are no longer following. Let's start today.