August 23, 2017
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Pictures from opening day!


Pictures from opening day!

Our opening week was awesome. It was great to see former volunteers and customers come by to drink to freedom! Many of them let us know that they have been waiting in earnest for us to come back and free them from the coffee on campus.

Our New Space!

We have a much larger space. Our previous location was take-out only. We now have seats for 25 people! Thank you all who contributed to our renovation costs!

Some Love Coming Our Way

Zaneta and I wanted to express our hope for a successful start to your new school year. We pray that your students at UMASS have a rich experience in Our Lord!! We want you to know we are thinking about you all and will pray for continued progress in all your endeavors.

Karen & Zaneta First Assemblies of God Woonsocket, RI



Richard Adams, Bethany Assembly of God, Agawam MA

New coffee shop looks awesome Dan! :)

Mike Sorcinelli, New Day Church, Springfield MA


The place looks amazing! One of our own from Cornerstone now attends there. I was talking to her about Freedom Cafe and she said she was already in contact with you all. I was so happy about that. We appreciate you! We'll be praying!

Wendy Brouillet Cornerstone Church, Winchendon MA


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