give recurring


I'm Establishing a Team

I have committed this next year to building up a team that will come alongside me by giving monthly* toward our financial needs

* Monthly giving is referred to as a 'pledge' or 'faith promise' on the following giving page.

The time frame and amount of your monthly pledge is completely in your control. At any time you can easily update your giving amount, or discontinue your giving.


Setup Recurring Donations

I can't overstate how much your recurring support helps our work. We are so privileged to be financially supported by people like you who choose to choose to make a ongoing social investment.

Below are three ways to give recurring

Would you like to give once yearly?

Rather than having your donation withdrawn monthly, you can give a yearly gift. Gifts greater than $500 counts toward my monthly goal because it is dispersed throughout the year.

Have Questions About Giving?

Check out my giving FAQ page or send me a message.
Thank You!

If at any time you have questions, or need help setting up your giving account, please feel free to contact me.